Where do you ship? How much is delivery?
We can deliver cheese to 98% of Australia. Cost of delivery is $18.00 per 2.5kg of product. 

Do you deliver to Post Office Boxes?
We are not able to deliver to Post Office Boxes, we must have a physical address. In the event that there will be no-one at home, please provide instructions as to where the courier may leave your cheese as no signature is required at delivery. If no instructions are provided then the driver will leave your box in a placed deemed safe and out of sight. There may be occasions where the delivery driver will decide that it is unsafe to leave the box and then it will be taken to the closest Post Office.

When do you dispatch orders and how long will it take to get to me?
We dispatch our orders from our shop in Adelaide, South Australia on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday’s. In the event that any of these week days are South Australian Public holidays no dispatch will occur on that day. Orders are shipped in cardboard cartons with Woolpack insulation and gel ice bricks, via StarTrack.

We aim for the cheese to get to you within 48 hours of it being dispatched from Adelaide. You will receive a tracking number from StarTrack to follow your order. If you have purchased cheese as a gift, we advise that you put the recipients mobile phone number in the contact details section to enable them to receive the tracking details from StarTrack. For further details please refer to StarTrack website www.startrack.com.au

What do you pack your cheese in?
Our cheese is cut and wrapped specifically to your order. Essentially, we aim to replicate the experience of coming to our store and ordering a piece of cheese. We do not pre-cut or cryovac your cheese (unless this is a product sold like this).  It will come individually wrapped in cheese paper.

Can I send a note with my order?
Yes, please do! We can add any special notes or requests to your order. Our orders are not sent with the invoice.

How do I dispose of my packaging?
We are proud to use Planet Protector Packaging to send our cheese to you. For more information please check out their website https://planetprotectorpackaging.com/

The carton can be reused and is recyclable through your local council. The wool liner is home compostable and biodegradable, suitable to place in your home green garden bin or to bury in your backyard, releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil. Our ice packs are non-toxic and the gel is suitable to dispose of in any sink with running water. The outer shell is kerbside recyclable.

How soon do I need to consume my cheese once I receive it?
Take your cheese out of the box and put it in the fridge. You should try to eat your cheese within two weeks of receiving it but it could last longer—just know that that it might not be its best self after a week.  

My gel packs were melted when the package arrived. Is my cheese still ok?
In the summer months we expect our gel packs to be fully melted by the time they arrive at your door, and we have temperature tested our packaging to make sure they keep the cheese safe (and delicious) within the two-day delivery.

In the hot summer months, we use more gel packs and we may send your cheese in a foam box if you are in a remote location. However, it’s best to store your cheese in the fridge when it arrives to keep it lasting longer. When you’re ready to eat it, take it out and let it come to room temp—this is always the best way to eat cheese!

Accidents and delays do happen with shipping and we do our best to watch our system for these but please let us know at orders@smellycheese.com.au if your cheese arrived hot or melty and we’ll work to fix the situation immediately! 
My question wasn’t answered, help?
You bet! You can email us at orders@smellycheese.com.au with any questions.

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