A world of cheese delivered to your door by The Smelly Cheese Shop. Cheese Club Selections direct from artisan cheesemakers to you. Cheese Master Classes include cheese appreciation; champagne, wine or beer matching; exploring local cheese, discovering it by different styles or country of origin.

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Soumaintrain 400g 

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Produced by Berthaut, Soumaintrain is a farmhouse cheese and is a member of the Époisses family. This traditionally ripened cheese is washed and brushed by hand two to three times a week.

Available $29.85 each save $5.

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Bleu de Laqueuille 

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This elegant blue develops a dry, grey, natural rind and a creamy white interior with an even dispersion of blue-green mould throughout. 

Available for $61.10 per kg

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Cheese Master Classes

Purchase your booking online or in store at the Adelaide Central Market

Presented by Valerie Henbest we have a Cheese and Wine Master Class just for you or how about buying the cheese aficionado in your life the perfect gift, a cheese master class voucher!

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Cornish Yarg

A new addition to our online store

This cheese is wrapped in hand picked nettle leaves to retain the fresh mild citrus flavour of the interior while still allowing the cheese to breathe. Made in Cornwall, UK, Cornish Yarg although young in history has developed quite the following, first made in 1984 by its inventor Alan Gray (Yarg backwards).

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Our Maturing Room

Our beautiful maturing room gives us the ability to enhance the flavour of our cheese and increase the complexity, thus achieving a balance on the palate and harmony in the mouth that ensures you get cheese in optimum condition, exhibiting perfect balance of flavours.

Some Of Our Maturing Cheese


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