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Christmas Selection 2018


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The Smelly Cheese Shop cheese selections consist of carefully chosen cheeses and are issued around six times a year.

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Woodside Cheese Wrights Monet
Hi Cheese Lovers,
It's that wonderful time of year where Santa's in town, and he's very busy working on your Christmas wish list!
If cheese is on it, we might just be able to help him (Santa that is)…
We concocted our own dream cheese platter with the understanding that if we liked it, chances are you will too!
With new cheeses such as Tomme Adrienne, a truffle goat’s milk cheese from Jacquin in the Loire Vallée, Australian cheese award winner Milawa King River Gold, and cheese classics such Shropshire Blue and Petit Sapin, this selection has a lot to offer - both in the tastebuds front as well providing a fabulous look-appeal for your Chrismas gatherings.
2018 has been a great year in more than one way, and the whole Smelly Cheese Shop’s team is certainly ready for yet another fulfilling and exciting new year.
We are looking forward to catching up with you all in 2019!
We wish you a fabulous Christmas and an exceptional New Year!
Petit Sapin – White Mould – Cow’s Milk - Jura, France - 250g
Petit Sapin translates into little Christmas tree. How appropriate!
Petit Sapin is a soft ripened cheese from the Jura in the Franche-Comté region of France.
This area is of course well known for Vacherin Mont d’Or, a raw milk cheese of the same style. The cheese is wrapped in a band of spruce bark, that is used to maintain the shape of the cheese while it ripens in its own little box. 
The bark looks spectacular and imparts an earthy flavour. The ivory interior has a lusciously creamy texture with a mild and slightly salty flavour with the added earthy complexity from the bark.
We understand the weather might not be exactly promoting cheese baking recipes but if you were tempted to bake Petit Sapin, you could have a fabulous and instant yummy dish.
Pair this one with sparkling white or Pinot Gris for ultimate pleasure.
Tomme Adrienne – Goat’s Cheese and Truffle – Loire Vallee, France - 200g
Tomme Adrienne is made by Jacquin in the Loire region of France. The Jacquin family have been making goat’s cheese from both raw and pasteurised milk since 1947 and Tomme Adrienne is one of their latest creations.
This soft pasteurised goat milk cheese has a thin layer of summer truffles and is lightly coated with ash, which gives extra appeal on your cheeseboard.
The flavour from the goat milk is very delicate and the subtlety of the summer truffles make for a perfectly balanced combination.
You can pair this very special cheese with a glass of sparkling or a light and crisp chardonnay.
Connage Dunlop Organic Cheddar – Cow’s milk – Hard Cheese – Scotland - 250g
Connage Dunlop Organic Cheddar was recently awarded Gold at the World Cheese Awards on the 2nd of November this year.

Connage Dunlop Organic cheddar is made by Connage Highland Dairy, a family owned fully organic business. Using pasteurised milk and traditional methods, Connage Dunlop Organic Cheddar has a slightly higher moisture content and develops a lovely depth of flavours as it matures for over 7 months. It has a rounded, nutty and creamy tastes that lingers on the palate.
Pair it with a glass of GSM or dry Riesling and do not hesitate to reach for the plum chutney!
Milawa King River Gold – Cow’s Milk – Washed-rind Cheese - Australia 150g
King River Gold is a washed rind cheese produced by the Brown family at the food of the Victorian Alps. Made using cow’s milk and animal rennet, it is one of the first cheeses introduced by the company.

King River Gold was one of the first cheeses Milawa Cheese Company ever made and it is still their most popular. It is a great introduction to the washed-rind style, as it has a subtle aroma and flavour unlike strong, washed rind cheeses. I
Its soft-smooth paste has a slightly rough pinkish-orange rind and an earthy, almost smoky flavour.
You can pair it with a fruity Riesling or Semillon.
Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue – Cow’s milk – Blue Vein – Great Britain - 200g
Colston Bassett Dairy lies near the border of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire in an area known as the Vale of Belvoir in England.
Colston Bassett is the home of traditional Stilton and Shropshire Blue cheeses. Their dairy has been making outstanding cheese for over one hundred years and the farming co-operative which was first established in 1913, is still in operation today.
By British standards, Shropshire Blue is a comparatively recent invention, created in the 1930's by a Cheshire Cheese dealer called Dennis Biggins.
The only major difference between Stilton and Shropshire Blue is the addition of natural annato colouring (annato is derived from a South American seed) that gives the cheese a very mildly spicy flavour and a slightly softer texture than Stilton.

And it looks amazing on a cheese board!
Perfect with a glass of Port of course!
Our selection also includes 100g of Cumquats, 120g of Adelaide Hills Apple Port Paste and a packet of Baccos leaves.
Cost: $145 (non-members) or $130.50 (members) excluding $18 delivery.
Place your order by 8pm Sunday 16th December for dispatch Tuesday 18th or Wednesday the 19th December.


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