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Valentine's Day Selection 2019


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Hello Cheese Lovers,

Hope you all had a chance to get a break throughout the Holiday Season!

We are all back on deck at Smelly Cheese HQ and are very excited about 2019 and the numerous projects ahead.

Amongst them is more interaction with you through our website and our online shop, so watch that space!

We are also keen to ‘zing up’ our cheese selections and here is a little taste of what to expect on your door step if you wish to proceed…

Carefully selected to show the person you love how much she/he means to you ;)


Coeur du Berry – Goat’s milk – Chevre - Loire, France

Coeur du Berry is a rich mellow goat’s cheese, with a tangy taste.

Made by la Fromagerie Jacquin & Fils - a company who have been making goats cheese for over 60 years, Coeur du Berry is only produced in a small natural area located south of  the Loire river, in the heart of France, where the climate is mild.

Its special shape is dedicated to a near-by village unique in France - St Valentin! Since the 1980s, the village has promoted itself as ‘The Village of Love’, taking full advantage of its name. So with that in mind, plus the uniquely and fudgey texture, Coeur du Berry is obviously the perfect match for your Valentine Tête à Tête!

A Glass of sparkling will be totally appropriate for it.


Gabietou - Cow and Sheep's milk -  Semi-Hard - Pyrénées, France

Gabietou is a washed semi-hard cheese made from a blend of the milk of Holstein cows and Basco Béarnaise sheep. It is made in the mountainous Pyrénées region of south-western France, where the tradition of taking the animals to higher pastures in the warmer weather, allows them to graze on unique flowers and grasses.

The cheese was created in 2001 by cheesemaker Gabriel Bachelet. He uses a slow coagulation method and then presses the uncooked curd, thus retaining a reasonable amount of moisture.

Hervé Mons, from Mons Fromager-Affineur, select the cheeses at a very early age, and take them to his caves in Auvergne. They are then cared for during their maturation until they reach peak condition.

Inside the pale orange rind, the texture is smooth and supple giving a creamy mouthfeel. The aroma is milky with hazelnut notes. The flavour is well balanced, with a nutty quality and the sheep milk adding sweetness that lingers long in the mouth.

Again this sparkling will go beautifully with this cheese!


Mt Buffalo Milawa Blue – Goat’s milk – Blue Vein – Victoria Australia

David & Anne Brown founded Milawa Cheese Company in the historic Milawa Butter Factory in 1988. Thirty years on after their first cheese “Milawa Blue”, all cheeses are still hand crafted. Their range has now extended with a wide variety of cheese from local goat and cow’s milk producers.

Made in small batches, Mt Buffalo Blue is aged for 3-6 months and is only available seasonally. It has gentle fresh and citrus flavours with distinctive blue and green veins and white paste. This cheese takes its name from the Mt Buffalo National Park surrounding the factory.

Dare I say this again, your Blanc de Blancs could happily complement this cheese, but Riesling or a light red such as Pinot Noir could also do the job!


Piccadilly Circus Blanc de Blancs 2016 - Méthode traditionelle sparkling - Adelaide Hills

Piccadilly Vineyards is a boutique Chardonnay vineyard situated in the heart of the Piccadilly Valley between Stirling and Summertown in the Adelaide Hills. At 470m above sea level the climate is perfect for Chardonnay with cool nights and warm days.

Owned by Alison and Mark Lewis, who migrated to Australia from the UK in 2014, the boutique winery has just produced their first wine, a delicious Blanc de Blancs.

Piccadilly Circus Blanc de Blancs holds the promise of something festive and a guaranteed good time. The beautiful label is symbolic of the location, with the circle referencing the famous roundabout. Alison adds that the coloured rings on the label represent the layers of complexity and flavour profile of the wine. Magic!

On a personal note, I tried this sparkling as a judge at the Hot 100 Wines competition last year and immediately fell in love with it not knowing what it was nor where it came from.

You've got to try this!


Plus a gorgeous Black and White check Smelly Cheese Shop Picnic Rug!


Hope you enjoy our first Selection and we wish you all plenty of love all year round!

Cost: $120 (non-members) or $108(members) including $18 delivery.
Place your order by 8pm Sunday 10th February for delivery Tuesday 12th or Wednesday the 13th February 2019.





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