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Spring Selection 2018


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The Smelly Cheese Shop cheese selections consist of carefully chosen cheeses and are issued around six times a year.

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Woodside Cheese Wrights Monet

Hello Cheese Lovers,


The year is quickly coming to an end, and with that comes warmer weather, longer days and outdoor celebrations. 

Spring is a great month when it comes to cheese. With fresh pastures come vibrant cheeses with nuance and extra complexity. 

Included in this Spring Selection is:


Monet – Goat’s milk – Woodside Australia - 120g

Kris Lloyd is a woman that understands the power of beauty. She created Monet using her best and freshest Chèvre. A selection of special herbs seasons the cheese followed by a selection of edible organic flowers, such as nasturtiums. This cheese is only available early spring to late summer. Get it while you can as it is simply stunning and delicious.

It would be perfect with our sparkling wine or with any sauvignon or chenin blanc.


Gabietou – Cow & sheep’s milk – Semi-Hard Cheese –  Pyrénées France - 200g

Gabietou is a washed rind cheese made from a blend of cow's and sheep's milk in the mountainous Pyrénées region of France. Over there, it is a long-lasting tradition to take the animals to higher pastures in the warmer weather, which allows them to graze on unique flowers and grasses.  

The flavours are therefore fabulously rich and creamy, with notes of fruit balanced by earthy, nutty and slightly mushroomy lingering notes. 

A must have cheese that would appreciate a light and earthy red such as Pinot noir.


Blu di Caravaggio – Cow & Buffalo’s milk – Blue Cheese – Italy - 200g

Made in the Lombardia region of Italy by the Defendi family, this cheese is made in the Gorgonzola Dolce Latte style using Cow and Buffalo’s milk. 

Slightly higher in butterfat, buffalo milk makes Blu di Caravaggio slightly thicker and heavier on the palate, with the very attractive characteristic tang of buffalo milk. 

The richness of the milk also helps to soften the bite of the blue veining, while enhancing the long and luxurious finish of the cheese which will leave you wanting more!


Perfect with a glass of our Tomich Sparkling!


To complement these colourful and complex pastoral flavours, we decided to add a fruity bottle of sparkling made by talented winemaker, Randall Tomich.

All you need is good company to share it with and celebrate Spring in style!

Happy Spring everyone!


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