Cheese Selection - Valentine's Day 2017


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Hello Cheese Lovers,

Welcome to another exciting year of cheese ahead in 2017. While you have all been recovering (hopefully) from the frenzy of Christmas and New Years celebrations, we have been slaving away over boards of cheese samples to discover new and interesting cheeses to bring to you this year – some making their first appearance in our range.

Our first selection for Valentine’s Day comprises three cheeses including the gorgeous heart shaped Cœur du Berry (150g goat milk from France), a decadent  wedge of  Coulommiers Truffles (180g cow milk from France) and a wedge of the exotic Hagenbuttenkäse (200g cow milk from Switzerland). To compliment these we are including a packet of Olivia’s Bakehouse Artisan crackers (80g Australia) and a bottle of S.C. Pannell’s superb Nebbiolo Rosé (750ml Australia).

So we suggest you find someone special to share this with and let your senses do the rest. Happy Valentines!

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Valentine's Day Selection 


Cœur du Berry – Goat’s milk – Berry France

Last October, we were in Paris for an international food show and had the great pleasure to meet again some exceptional cheese makers and producers such as Romain Jacquin.

Romain is the 3rd generation working in the family business. Along with his Dad, Pascal, he spent most of last year and the year before building and extending their cheese factory. It is now ready and it sounds like new opportunities may arise. One of them is Le Cœur du Berry (Heart of the Berry), which we loved instantly and decided to bring over to Australia as soon as possible. It landed a few days ago, so you will be among the first to try this beauty.

Cœur du Berry is only produced in a small area located south of the Loire river and its heart-shape is dedicated to a nearby village unique in France called St Valentin. Voila!

With a smooth and fudgy texture, Cœur du Berry has delicate citrus notes with a nutty finish.

It will respond beautifully to a glass of Sancerre or Sauvignon Blanc but also to a glass of Blanc de Blanc Champagne if you want to keep impressing your other half!


Coulommiers Truffes – Cow’s milk – White Mould – Brie France

An oldie but a goodie! Made by La Fromagère de la Brie near Paris, this cheese is full of character, with its smooth and gooey texture interspersed with a layer of summer black truffle mixed with mascarpone, it will undoubtedly leave you wanting more?

It has an intense, multilayered flavour profile of mushroom, forest floor and earthy characters, which continues to become increasingly intense as the cheese ripens. It is a total indulgence!

We tried it with a glass of Steve Pannell’s delicious Nebbiolo Rosé (which we adore), and we loved the surprisingly gentle pairing. You can also try it with a glass of Champagne or Pinot Gris.


Rolf Beeler Hagebuttenkäse

This cheese was created out of a collaboration between Rolf Beeler (the affineur) and Stephan Buehler (the cheese maker). The rich and flavoursome raw milk comes from cows grazing on pre-alpine pastures at altitudes between 700 and 900m in the picturesque Toggenburg region of Northeast Switzerland. Dried rose hip, the fruit of the rose plant (Hagebutte in German) is added into the curd along with other moulds and the rind is subsequently rubbed with rose hip paste before the white mould develops. The white mould helps the rose hip to stick to the rind even when the cheese is getting a dryer texture as it ages.

It has a mild aroma with, of course, a hint of sweetness and a delightfully smooth, sometimes crunchy texture.

Hagebuttenkäse comes from a region that apple and pear orchards call home. So you might like to try it with a glass of Apple or Pear Cider and slice a few of these fruits on your cheese board as an  accompaniment.

We also suggest that you try it with Steve Pannell’s delicious Nebbiolo Rosé. After all, it is all in the name of the Rose!


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Happy Valentine's Day to all our Cheese Lovers!

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