Cheese Selection - Winter 2017

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The Smelly Cheese Shop cheese selections consist of carefully chosen cheeses and are issued around six times a year.

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Hello Cheese lovers, 

We have already passed the half way mark for 2017… 

And for us this means that The Smelly Cheese Shop team has been busy touring Australian Capital cities, exhibiting at various Australian Food Shows. Our next destinations include Brisbane, Newcastle and Canberra. Please come and say hi if we are near you, it has been great meeting so many fellow cheese lovers out there! 

While we are still shivering away down in Adelaide we have been indulging in winter friendly dishes (such as Raclette and Fondue), this has inspired our selection.  A little bit of warm comfort eating just before we start getting rid of a few layers…of clothing that is! 

Gabietou, 200g piece (Semi Soft - Sheep and Cow – Pyrenees, France)

Gabietou-009 (501x502).jpg Conceived in 2001 by Gabriel Bachelet, Gabietou is made with sheep and cow’s milk and   reflects the nature of the terroir in the French Pyrenees. The milk takes on layers of flavour as the animals graze on unique flowers and grasses from the mountainous area of the Pryenees.

During the summer months the tradition of taking the animals to higher elevations to graze is still practiced and is a part of the rich history of the region.Herve brings the young cheeses back to his caves and matures them to completion. Inside the pale orange rind, the texture is supple giving a creamy mouthfeel. The aroma is milky with hazelnut notes. The flavour is well balanced, with a nutty and sweet lingering finish. 

Raclette de Chevre, 250g piece (Semi-hard – Goat – Savoie, France) 

Raclette de Chevre (476x476).jpg

The Raclette de Chevre is a modern creation made with pasteurised goat's milk, developed in response to the strong demand for the cow's milk version. Hervé Mons buys the 1-month-old wheels from a single producer near Annecy, in the Savoie region, then matures them for another two to three months on wooden planks in his own natural caves. During the time in the caves, workers flip the wheels weekly and wash them with brine. The moist, salty surface of the cheese attracts desirable bacteria that helps break down the interior and produce the smelly aromas characteristic of washed-rind cheeses. 

The external appearance of the goat's milk Raclette does resembles the cow's milk wheel but its interior is distinctly off-white, with abundant but not aggressive aromas of roasted peanut, garlic and celery. On the tongue, the texture is surprisingly silky, supple and light, you can cut away the rind if you like, but if you don’t, you can enjoy the contrast of its salty crunch.  Raclette de Chevre melts beautifully of course. So if you have a raclette machine of any kind, you can enjoy it melted on boiled potatoes, cornichons and prosciutto, or at room temperature as a table cheese. Pinot Gris would be a good match. 

Le Cremeux de Bourgogne, 200g unit (White mould Triple Cream –Cow – Burgundy, France)

cremeux-de-bourgogne (418x418).jpg   

Le Cremeux de Bourgogne is very similar to Brillat Savarin. Its sweet, buttery and milky interior is so silky and delicate it will simply melt in your mouth. If you like creamy, this is a definite winner for you. Le Cremeux de Bourgogne is something that can be added to a cheese board, on a slice of toast, added to a sauce mixture, or to a risotto. So many options, so little time! 

Perfect occasion to get your good sparkling or champagne out the fridge!


Per Las, 200g piece (Blue – Cow, Wales)

Perl Las.jpg

Deliciously creamy, Perl Las, meaning 'Blue Pearl, is made by Carwyn Adams of Caws Cenarth near Cardigan in the heart of West Wales.

When young, Perl Las has a delicate blue taste. When mature, it becomes golden in colour and develops a fuller flavour with lingering earthy aromas. Try it with a full bodied Pinot Noir. 




Plus, we have a Traditional Opinel No. 8 folding knife with quality stainless steel blade and wooden handle (that comes in a variety of colours) this is the perfect pocket companion so that you can be the resourceful one when somebody needs it, like at a picnic! 

001321-No8-trekking-knife1 (800x373) (502x234).jpg

Stay warm, enjoy these delectable cheeses and get ready for spring and new beginnings very soon.

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