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Some of our favourite recipes using some of the cheeses we love most!

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French Onion Soup with Comté Croutons

Ingredients - Serves 6

150g butter

6 large brown onions - thinly sliced 

3 cloves of garlic - minced

1-2 tsp salt 

Ground black pepper to taste

1/2 tbs of plain flour

120 ml white wine 

2 l of chicken/beef or vegetable stock

1 bouquet garni  **

splash of balsamic vinegar 

350g Comté grated

1 Baguette-cut into slices


Melt the butter in a large pot over medium heat until it starts to brown slightly. Add the onions and cook for at least 20 minutes, stirring occasionally until the onions are soft.  Turn the heat down to very low, add the garlic, salt and pepper and cook for a further 30 minutes until onions are super caramalised, nice and brown.  Stir in the flour and cook for 2 minutes, increase the heat to medium and add the wine, stirring quickly to get all the good stuff from the bottom of the pot and to avoid lumps.

Add the stock to the pot and bring to boil before turning down to simmer. Add bouquet garni and let simmer for 20 mins. Remove the bouquet garni and add a splash of balsamic vinegar to taste - you need a little acid here to cut through the richness.

Preheat your oven to 200C, turn on the overhead grill.

Toast your slices of baguette and remove from grill, top with some grated Comté and set aside.

Turn oven back to approximately 180C. Take 6 ovenproof serving dishes and ladle your soup in, leaving some room from the top to add generous amounts of grated Comté. Place the individual containers on a tray and gently put back into the oven. Bake until the cheese topping is browned and bubbling, gently remove from oven and keep warm. Turn the oven back to the grill, keep soup warm whilst you grill your croutons, again until cheese is bubbling.

Place croutons on top of the soup and enjoy.


**Bouquet Garni - 1 sprig flat-leaf parsley, 2 sprigs fresh thyme, 1 bay leaf - tied together with string or you may have some premade in your pantry. 



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**Recipes and images supplied by Mandy Hall – MasterChef 2019 @mandyhallfood**


Cacio e Pepe 

Ingredients - Serves 4


400g of thick spaghetti (you can use fettucine)

200g Parmigiano Reggiano finely grated

Salt – to season pasta cooking water

Black Peppercorns – grind to the equivalent of 4 teaspoons of coarsely ground pepper


Now unlike the instructions that we normally abide by to cook spaghetti (in a huge pot with a tonne of water), this time I want you to cook the spaghetti in a wide and shallow pan, still bringing salted water to the boil but we want to create quite a starchy water so we don’t want to drown the pasta.  Because there is less water, we might need to stir the pasta every now and then. When the pasta has been cooking for 5 minutes, remove two cups of the pasta water and leave it to the side.

When the spaghetti has finished cooking, – drain and leave to the side. Meanwhile in a large bowl or another big pan, place your cheese and ground black pepper inside, gradually add some (not all) of the pasta water that you set aside, stirring furiously as you add the water to create a thickish sauce, almost like a bechamel. Now add your spaghetti and toss through as quickly as you can, adding small amounts of the saved pasta water as you go, this emulsion will make that sauce that coats every bit of your spaghetti. Serve immediately in warm pasta bowls and enjoy every mouthful!


Removing the water when halfway through means that it’s not too hot when we create our sauce, adding really hot water could just create a gooey cheesy lump and that’s definitely not what we want!


**Recipe supplied by Mandy Hall – MasterChef 2019 @mandyhallfood**




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Trois Fromages Soufflé

I know that some people think a soufflé is such a tricky thing to master, I think it has such a bad reputation for no good reason - it is nothing to be scared of, you don't have tippy-toe around the kitchen, I actually play very loud music and sing and dance when I make a souffle because the end result, it is to be celebrated and devoured!

Ingredients - makes 8 soufflés

60g Butter

60g Plain flour

1 tsp of Dijon mustard

100g of Parmigiano Reggiano finely grated

100g of Gruyere grated

100g of Cave-Aged Cheddar - grated

25/30g soft butter to coat ramekins

1/4 cup plain flour extra

6 free-range eggs - separated

1 tsp salt


1. Pre-heat the oven to 200C and boil kettle. Melt the butter in a pan, and stir in the flour, cook off the flour stirring well for a few minutes, then whisk in the milk and keep whisking until it is smooth. Heat the mixture on low heat until it comes to the boil, then simmer for 5 minutes, stirring, until thickened to the consistency of thick custard, add the Dijon and all cheeses, turn off the heat and whisk well, transfer ingredients into a clean bowl to cool slightly.

2. Meanwhile, brush 8 small ovenproof dishes/ramekins with soft butter, I do this a certain way as I think it helps your soufflé to rise.  Get a pastry brush coated in soft (not melted) butter, coat the base of the ramekin first and then, with upward strokes brush from the base to the rim, moving the ramekin around and repeatedly coating in butter so that you cover the entire inside, put ramekins into the fridge for 5 mins, remove and repeat the process.  Using the extra plain flour, take a teaspoon and spoon some flour into the ramekins, turning to coat the inside with flour, turn ramekin upside down and tap to remove any excess flour, repeat with all ramekins. Coating with butter in upwards strokes makes nice vertical grooves of butter and helps the soufflé rise up whilst cooking, the flour prevents any sticking.

3. Take a roasting pan (big enough to hold your ramekins) or use two pans and fill halfway with boiling water, place those trays carefully into the oven.

4. Separate the eggs, and put the whites in a large clean bowl, ready to be whisked, the yolks into another smaller bowl.

5. One by one, add the yolks into the cheese mixture, incorporating each one well before adding the next, set aside whilst you whisk the eggs.

6. Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt until firm, but too much, NOT until dry & grainy, stir a couple of spoonsful of yolk and cheese sauce into the whites to slowly combine and then slowly and gently fold in the remainder with a spatula. Divide the mixture between the ramekins, fill to the rim but not over, then very gently wipe around the rim to remove any excess that could make it stick and stop it from rising.

5. Carefully place the ramekins into the baking dishes half full of water, be very careful not to burn yourself!

Bake for approximately 10-12 minutes until they rise and are golden.


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**Recipes and images supplied by Mandy Hall – MasterChef 2019 @mandyhallfood**











Quattro Formaggio Risotto 

Ingredients - Generously Serves 4 - 6

60g butter

1 onion very finely diced

500g packet of Carnaroli Rice

1/2 cup dry white wine

1.5 litres of Chicken or Vegetable stock

100g Gorgonzola Piccante- broken into smaller pieces

100g LG Taleggio - cut into small cubes

100g Pecorino Romano- grated

100g Parmigiano Reggiano - grated

Serve with either white or cracked black pepper



Place the stock in a saucepan and bring to the boil over medium heat. In the meantime, place a heavy-based large, wide-mouthed pot over a low flame and add the butter, then add the onion and stir now and then for 5 minutes until it is soft but not browned, approximately 5 minutes.

Place the rice in with the butter and sit well, stirring and cooking until every grain is coated in butter. 


Add wine, stirring well and cook for a couple of minutes until well absorbed.


Now the most important part, add one ladle or cup of hot stock and stir until it has been completely absorbed, continue with this one ladle at a time, each time it is really important to continue to stir making sure that each additional ladleful has been absorbed.


This will take approx 15 minutes, we want the rice to have a slight bite to it, not super soft or gluggy. 


Approximately five minutes before it is cooked, stir through the Pecorino and the Parmigiano, they will melt immediately, turn off the heat. 

Get all your serving plates ready to go as Risotto is best eaten straight after coming off the stove, now return to the pot and stir through the Taleggio along with the Gorgonzola Chunks. 


Serve immediately and enjoy the love and comfort from this glorious cheesy classic.




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**Recipes and images supplied by Mandy Hall – MasterChef 2019 @mandyhallfood**


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Ingredients – Serves 6

1.3 kg potatoes washed and peeled - leave whole

500g Préféré de nos Montagnes (Reblochon) - sliced in half horizontally

1 x brown onion, finely diced

200g bacon diced (can omit without altering any other ingredients)

 4 TB Creme Fraiche, or Sour Cream or Cream

1 cup of white wine - can substitute with chicken or vegetable stock if desired

salt and pepper to season

Preheat oven to 190 degrees celsius. 

Peel potatoes and place into a large pot, add a pinch of salt and cover with cold water - bring to boil and cook potatoes until tender. 


Do not overcook, potatoes still need to be firm enough to hold shape, you should be able to pierce easily with a vegetable knife. Remove from heat and strain, let cool until you are able to handle. Cut potatoes into equal size chunks or disks (roughly 2cm thick) and set aside.


In a pan over medium heat, saute your bacon and onion together until cooked, not super brown, just cooked.  If you are not using bacon, please use a small amount of olive oil to cook your onions. Turn off heat.


In a baking or casserole dish, spread out half the potato to cover the base, then spread the bacon and onion mixture, followed by 2TB of creme fraiche, spread the creme fraiche out as best you can, however, it doesn't matter, it will spread whilst cooking.


Take your half Reblochon and either cut into many smaller pieces or just in half again and lay this on top of your potatoes, etc. 


Follow with the remaining potatoes, the rest of the Creme Fraiche, the remainder of the Reblochon and finally pour over your wine.


Bake in the oven for 15-20 mins until golden brown and bubbling! Serve hot and with love.




($65 excluding delivery)



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**Recipes and images supplied by Mandy Hall – MasterChef 2019 @mandyhallfood**












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